How to Get Started!

So how do you get these amazing oils, you ask? There are several ways to get your own oils. You can sign up as a customer, but you would pay full price. I opted for a wholesale account. The best value is to get the Premium Starter Kit (Click HERE to learn more). The Premium Starter Kit is only available to wholesale members. If you signed up for a retail account this kit would be over $300. There is no requirement or commitment to ever purchase anything again should you choose to sign up. I loved that! I would highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit because it is the best value. Until you are able to get a good sampling of oil you will not see just how amazing they are! The oils in the Everyday Oils (Click HERE to learn more) can replace many of your current solutions, but will do so in a natural way.

Since I can't invite you personally to a class here is a great Everyday Oil class that you can listen to online. There is ton more information on oil and about each oil in the Everyday Oil kit, but this gives you a great intro 
Click here to listen to the class. 

If you're interested in signing up contact the person who referred you to this site, or select a member of our leadership below. Click on the name of the person with whom you would like to sign up, and the link will direct you to the Young Living Sign Up page. 

Tara Harrup, Seed Essential Oils Founder
Click HERE to sign up with Tara.

Kylea Rorabaugh, Seed Essential Oils Leader
Click HERE to sign up with Kylea.

Seed Team Members
To sign up with one of the following members, 
click their name to take you to the Young Living sign up page.

Tamara Bell

Rebekah Gibson

Susie McKenzie

Tara Moylan

April Noe

Brooke Evans Street

Jill Yahn



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